Measurements at Sammaltunturi GAW station
See also GAWSIS, station Pallas
Programme Instrument or measurement method Sampling frequency

Surface O3 TEI 49i Continuous
SO2 TEI 43i Continuous
NO, NO2, NOX TEI 42i Continuous
CO2 Li-Cor NDIR Continuous
CH4, CO, N2O, SF6 GC Continuous
H2 RGD (GC - HgO reduction/UV absorption) Continuous
Light hydrocarbons (VOC) 850-mL stainless steel flasks 2 pairs/week
CO2, N2O, CH4, CO, H2, SF6 NOAA Glass flask samples 1 pair/week

Total number concentration TSI CPC model 3010 Continuous
Size distribution
7 - 500 nm and APS (>500 nm)
DMPS, APS Continuous
Scattering coefficient TSI Nephelometer 3560 Continuous
Black carbon (BC) /
absorption coefficient
Aethalometer AE31 (7 wavelength)
and MAAP (Carusso)
Mass concentration (PM10) Environnement MP101M Continuous
Radon-222 Aerosol beta activity measurement Continuous
Solar radiation

Global irradiance Kipp & Zonen pyranometer CM11 Continuous
J(NO2) Radiometer (Meteoroloogie Consult GmbH) Continuous
Surface weather parameters

T, RH, p, wind Vaisala MILOS500+sensors Continuous
visibility, precipitation Vaisala FD12P Continuous

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