Sceneries from the Pallas area

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Pallastunturit (Pallas fjelds) seen from Sammaltunturi. The one on the left is Laukukero, on top of which there is one of the AWSes. The smaller hill in front of the Pallas fjelds is called Mustavaara.
Sammaltunturi seen from Mustavaara, the smaller hill in front of the Pallas fjelds. The little black speck on top of the fjeld is the measuring station.
Mustavaara seen from Sammaltunturi - the situation is exactly the opposite as in the previous photo.
Sammaltunturi and the setting sun.
Keimiötunturi (Keimiö fjeld) seen from top of the Sammaltunturi
Snow-covered trees in December sunshine.
January Blues.
January Blues, featuring The Full Moon.
Pallas fjelds, briefly free of snow.
Pallasjärvi (Lake Pallas).
Midnight sun seen from Laukukero.
A trekking path in the woods near Pallasjärvi.
A river (Pyhäjoki) along the trekking path.
A forest scereny from along the path. The vegetation is quite lush and fertile for such northern latitudes.

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