Sammaltunturi measuring station

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May 2001: The new station building under construction.
South side of the station.
West end of the station.
Here you can (barely) see both new and old station buildings on top of Sammaltunturi.
July 2001: The new station building is nearly finished.
Here are both station buildings, with some workers giving the last finishing touch to the new building.
South side of the new station.
A close-up on the instrument towers and the weather sensors.
North side of the new station.
Measuring equipment racks inside the new station.
Close-up on CO2-analyser.
Aerosol analysers.
NO-NO2, O3 and SO2 -analysers.
New station with the Pallas fjelds as a background. The vegetation on Sammaltunturi is sparse and low, as can be seen here.

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